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You're almost done now. You can go ahead and reinstall the alternator belt and using a slot head screw driver, insert it between the bracket and alternator and pry the alternator over to tention the belt. Simultaneously, tighten the upper and lower bolts on the alternator to hold it in place. Then you can run the new longer supercharger belt. Be sure the route it correctly. Then tention the new belt by turn the tentioner bolt on the main bracket.
To finish things up under the car. Attach the oil drain hard line to the fitting that was drilled on the oil pan. Make sure that it doesn't rub or hit anything.
Now you can finally mount the aftercooler. Before dropping it in place, be sure that all the fittings are correctly mounted on the aftercooler and attach the water lines and silicone hoses. Fairly easily, the aftercooler will slip into place in the engine bay and using the supplied clamps, clamp the silcone hoses down.
Make sure that all the water lines are routed correctly on the driverside of the aftercooler.
Now bolt on the supplied blow off valve to the aftercooler. Install the K&N filter and plumbing to the passengerside fender well.
Route the upper intake pipe from the lower pipe to the compressor. You make have to shorten the dryer hose to fit. Clamp down the hoses securely.
Now finish off the blow off valve by routing the outlet back into the intake pipe. Then run a hose from the new water overflow bottle location to the watercooler resevoir.
Using a TEE fitting from the OEM fuel pressure regulator, run a VAC line to the top nipple on the blow off valve.
Then fill the radiator with coolant, check for leaks.
Before starting the car, add oil to the motor and double check that you've done everything correctly. You're done!

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