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Before mounting the compressor onto the brace, make sure the fittings are pointing in the correct direction and attach the oil feed line and oil drain line.
Double check that nothing is pinched and all the hoses are pointing towards their source.
Now carefully drop the compressor into place and line up the input shaft into the main driveshaft.
Once the compressor is firmly seated in place, bolt in onto the drive shaft and secure the housing with the supplied bolts on the brace.
With the oil feed line attached on the compressor, you can now feed it to the back of the block and attach it to the TEE fitting that was previously installed on the OSU next to the oil filter. Be sure to use teflon tape on the threads as well.
While under the car, reinstall a new oil filter. Be sure to double check that the old gasket isn't still on the block, and always lubricate the new gasket on the new filter before installing.
Now is also a good time to check that the bolts on the pulleys are tight. Then place the powersteering pump in place against the new driveshaft mounts. You will notice that the powersteering pump sits lower than stock height now. Also, aftermarket pulleys on the powersteering pump will no longer work as the diameter is too large.
Once the powersteering pump is in place, be sure the properly route the new powersteering lines correctly.
As you can see, we had to replace the AEM powersteering pulley with a stock unit so that it wouldn't interfere with the blower pulley. Also, make sure that all the bolts are secure on the powersteering bracket and driveshaft.
Once the powersteering pump is in place, you can go ahead and mount the new powersteering line. Follow the directions and run the new lines to the mounting plate on the drive shaft.

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