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Now its time to get dirty. The first step is the remove the headlights and the upper strut tower brace. Also make sure you disconnect the battery. It also simplifies installation if the front bumper cover is also removed at this time.
Next, mount the two relays to the firewall with the supplied sheet metal screws. Be sure to take notice which wires are longer than the others. The longest red wire will be used to run the inline fuel pump, while the other will operate the waterpump for the aftercooler.
Pass the yellow wire from the relay for the fuel pump through a hole in the firewall. We chose an unused grommet and punched a hole in it. The wire should appear in the passengerside floor area. Also, remove the side panel inside the passengerside door jam inorder to access the PGM/FI relay box thats mounted inside the dash.
Remove the glove box by unscrewed the two 8mm bolts from underneath the hinges. You will then be able to see the PGM/FI relay on the right side of where the glove box is suppose to go. Connect the yellow wire to the yellow/black wire on the PGM/FI relay. Once that is complete, you can leave it for now and remove the MAP sensor from the throttle body.
Attach the supplied billet check valve to the OEM MAP sensor and connect the barbed nipple and check valve as shown. Then reattach the unit to the throttle body.
How you can go ahead and remove the powersteering pump. Release the tentioner bolt and then remove the two 14mm bolts on the brackets.
Once the powersteering pump is out of the way, release the tensioner pulley for the AC belt.
Now remove the OEM powersteering line from the powersteering pump and attach the supplier extention hose to the pump.
With that in place, attach the supplied blue adapter fitting to the top of the pump.
Then finally attach the supplied powersteering rerouting hose to the the adapter fitting. Set the entire unit aside.

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