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Using a straight barbed fitting attach another 90deg hose to the first one passing it through the hole in the fenderwell.
Now mount the water resevoir in the engine bay using the supplied mounting bracket.
Attach the second 90deg hose to the resevoir. Now the first part of the water system is complete. Make sure you ground the water pump on the chassis.
Also be sure to run the power wire from the second relay down to the water pump and connect it to the power wire on the pump. You may need to cut off the connector that is on the pump. Lastly, the yellow wire on the water pump relay needs to tap into the ignition wire on the main harness next to the distributor. Its the black wire with a yellow stripe. WIth the wiring completed, you can now remove the upper 4 bolts on the transmission gear housing.
Replace the rear bolt with a supplied stud and mount the compressor brace. Take care not to mix up the spacers that are placed between the brace and the gear housing.
Do not tighten the bolts down just yet. Go ahead and place the driveshaft pilot bearing into the brace at this time.
Now go ahead and drop the driveshaft into place. It will line up with the main brace and the driverside bracket will mount to the factory location where the powersteering pump would normally go.
Use the original powersteering mounting bolts and bolt down the driveshaft. Then be sure to securely bolt down the driveshaft to the brace with the supplied bolts.
Now you can tighten up the brace on the transmission. Be careful not to overtighten. Double check that the driverside bracket is tight as well.
Now the fun part. Make sure all the fittings are correctly mounted on the compressor.

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