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Wiring a Resistor Box for Low-Impedance Injectors

Low-impedance injectors are usually far less expensive and easier to find that their high-impedance counterparts such as the commonly used Mitsubishi DSM 450cc injectors found on the Eclipse. On all the newer generation Honda/Acura's however, high-impedance injectors are used, thus in order to use the low-impedance injectors, one must install a resistor box, otherwise you will fry the injector driver within the ECU. A resistor box can be found on the older generation Integra, CRX, Civic, Accord etc. usually on pre-1990 models.

First, you'll need to get a hold of an OEM resistor box as shown in the picture to the left. You are going to wiring it up to the unused OEM plug (right picture) that is located on the driver side shock tower near the hood prop. This article is done with the engine harness already out of the car.
Next, pop off the protective cover on the spare unused plug. Then using a multimeter, test which pins on the spare unused plug are connected to the injectors. There will be four pins on the unused spare connector that go to one injector clip each. Take note of which pins those are.
In our case, (it may be different on yours, so you must test with a multimeter!) looking at the connector as shows to the left, the four pins that made a connection to an injector clip where (1) the top row - farthest the right (2-4) bottom row - first three on the left. Cut the four wires and strip the ends as shown.
Now, take the four wires on the unused spare connector side and the yellow wire from the resisitor box and join them all together as shown in the picture to the left. Apply solder for the best connection. Then connect the red wires from the injector box to the remaining four wires on the engine harness. The order does not matter. Apply heat shrink tubing for a clean install.
That's it! Here you can see the finished product all soldered up and heat shrinked. Cleanly tape up the wiring with electrical tape for a professional finish and reinsert the protective cover into the unused spare connector.

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