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Acura NSX Intake Scoop Removal

If you're upgrading your stock intake to a cold air type unit or installed an aftermarket intake scoop, you'll need to remove the inadaquate OEM scoop from behind the quarter panel.

First, jack up the rear of the car and place it on jack stands. Remove the driver side rear wheel. Then, using a philips screw driver, remove the screws and push clips from the fender liner and remove the fender liner from the wheel well.
Now, you have easy access to the bolts securing the stock intake scoop. Using a 10mm socket, remove the two 10mm bolts securing the lower half of the intake scoop.
With the lower intake scoop bolts removed, you can seperate and pull off the lower portion of the intake scoop from the upper portion. Remove the remaining 10mm bolt securing the upper portion of the intake scoop. That's it!

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