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Acura NSX Coil Overs Suspension Install

First, jack up the front and rear of the car, place it on jack stands and remove all four tires. To remove the rear dampers requires you to first remove the rear trunk cowl trim. There are phillips screws around the perimeter securing it to the chassis.
Once the cowl trim is removed, you can now remove the three 14mm nuts holding the damper to the shock tower. Now, remove the lower damper nut/bolt located on the hub. This bolt is normally connected to the end-link on the rear sway bar. Just remove the 17mm nut and using a punch and hammer, knock it out and swing the end link out of the way. The picture on the left shows a 17mm bolt because this particular vehicle does not run a rear sway bar.
Once the lower damper bolt is removed, disconnect the upper control arm from the chassis via the two 17mm bolts. Then you can gently pry the damper out of the hub and remove it from the car. Reinstall the new damper or coilover in the reverse process.
With the rear dampers reinstalled, you can now move on to the front. Remove the plastic covers on the window cowl to expose the three front upper damper nuts on each side.
Carefully remove the three nuts from the shock tower. You may need a magnetic socket or pliers to grab the nuts through the cowl holes once they are loose from the damper. Then remove the lower damper 17mm nut and bolt.
Remove the 10mm bolts securing the ABS sensor wire from the lower control arm. Also remove the 12mm bolt securing the brake line to the damper body.
Remove the 17mm nut securing the front sway bar end link to the lower control arm. Then pull the end link out of the lower control arm and swing it out of the way. You can now remove the front damper from the vehicle. If the lower part of the damper is stuck in the hub, you can gently pry it out with a pry bar.
You can now remove the front damper from the vehicle. Reinstall the new front damper using the reverse process.

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