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Once the assembly of the bottom end and head were completed, the final assembly of the drivetrain was next. A Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch mated to the lightened flywheel to lower some of the unsprung weight and increase the clamping force. Make sure you lube up the release bearing before installing. Replace it if its worn out.
Make sure that you get your hands on a clutch alignment tool when you are fitting the pressure plate on, otherwise it will make the task of putting the transmission on a little harder. Be sure to torque all the flywheel bolts to spec!
Double check everything before you go any further. Make sure all the bolts are tight and everything is where they should be. Its also easier to have the engine harness in its place now.
Secure the mounting locations for the hoist. In this case we decided to use a handy forklift since we are too lazy to pump up the cherry picker.
Carefully set the motor in place and install the two upper motor mounts to hold the motor up. Then remove the cables or chains from the hoist.
Once the motor is back in its home, you can begin to button things up. Make sure you put engine and transy oil in before firing it up! We recommend running slightly thicker oil for the first 1000 miles of the break in period. Change the oil at 100miles, 500miles and again at 1000miles and your good to go. Then switch over to regular oil such at 5W30 or synthetic.

Strike a pose, its the home stretch.
Don't forget to fill up with coolant either.
Finally, double check all the hoses and wiring. Make sure you didn't forget anything and none of the vacuum lines are missing or kinked.
Reconnect the battery, cross your fingers and hope the car starts up and runs with no leaks or odd noises. That would not be a good thing. Luckily for us, everything went without a hitch.

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