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SOHC Removal [Page > 1 2 3 4 ]

Step 10:
Last thing to do under the car. Remove the lower engine mounts on both sides.
Step 11:
Remove the lower engine mount bracket from the block.
Step 12:
Loosen the upper engine mount bolts, but DO NOT remove them.
Step 13:
Remove the clutch slave cylinder. Be careful not the damage the lines. Disconnecting the wiring harnesses.
Step 14:
Make sure you pull the connectors off their posts before trying the disconnect them, otherwise they will not come apart. Then remove the fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator.
Pull off the vacuum lines from the manifold.
Step 16:
Remove the throttle cable and the ground wires from the starter.
Step 17:
Don't forget the vehicle speed sensor behind the starter. Also remove the coolant lines on the backside.
Step 18:
Remove the line to the oil catch can and your set to pull the motor out. Make sure you have the engine hoist securely fastened to the motor before completely removing the upper engine mounts.

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