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Porsche 996 Headlight Removal

As promised, this month we are going to take a small step into the realm of Bavarian Vehicles as an aside. After browsing though many forums and Porsche sites, I realised how many people had no idea how to do simple things on thier Porsche, in this case the 996. In the next few weeks not only will we be showing you the best in B-Series Honda Technology but will we go further and show you some basic Porsche "How-Two's" Enjoy...

Removing a headlight seems pretty impossible when you look around at first, there are no nuts or bolts in sight and you think you will break the lense, I did at first. The trick is under the hood. Pop it open and locate the plastic interior nut holding the carpet in place as shown in the second picture.
After you remove the plastic finishing screw you will be able to pull down the carpet inlay quite simply as shown in the first picture, remove the rubber plug just to the right of the grounding wire to expose the open headlight removal socket. Then in your Porsce Tool kit you will find an L shaped socket with a swing handle and a hex type head. Insert the hex type head into the socket as show with the handle hanging down.
Now turn the handle counter-clockwise until you hear a loud "click" and you will see the headlight move out of the car. Slowly remove the headlight by wiggling it and wiggling the tool at the same time.
For those of you who have Litronic Lights w/self levelling, there is an extra clip that must be removed by hand behind the light body itself. This plus has a small mercedes emblem on it and can be gently wiggled out while you depress the holding tab on it.
Viola, your headlight is out with no pain! To install it again, do everything in reverse. While you are turning the tool "clockwise" make sure your headlight gets sucked back into the fender when you hear the "click" again. You don't want to leave your headlight at a high speed corner!

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