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Porsche 996 Cabin Air Filter Removal and Replacement

As promised, this month we are going to take a small step into the realm of Bavarian Vehicles as an aside. After browsing though many forums and Porsche sites, I realised how many people had no idea how to do simple things on thier Porsche, in this case the 996. In the next few weeks not only will we be showing you the best in B-Series Honda Technology but will we go further and show you some basic Porsche "How-Two's" Enjoy...

When I ask people if they have ever replaced thier cabin pollen filter I usually get a dumbfounded look on thier faces. In my opinion it is one of the easiest ways to enhance the air quality inside your vehicle. For 35 dollars how could you go wrong on a 996? Your first step is to pop open the front hood of your car and find the two clips that hold the battery cover down and remove them.
Once you have removed the center battery cover, you will have exposed the battery and left 2 other plastic covers still on the car. These covers are held by 1 torx head screw each. Remove the passenger side torx screw and remove the cover by gently pulling up on it.
Once the second cover is removed, the cabin filter should be fully exposed. Slowly lift the filter up and out towards you making certain your remember which way the filter goes back in. The OEM filter has airflow arrows that you can follow. Carefully replace your old filter with the new one and replace it in the same direction as when you removed it making sure it does not crinkle or tear.
Now simply re-assemble the entire coverings in reverse order and you are done. What is an easy ten minute job is often neglected to a point where your filter looks like the one to the left. This is one upgrade I never miss especially when my health is at stake! Take a look, you will be glad that you did!

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