Acura TL Type-S - Changing the Front Brembo Brake pads

Owners of the TL Type-S with the Brembo Brake package will know that the pads have a very short lifespan. They generally only last around 20,000 miles before needing to be changed. Good news is that since they are billet calipers, the brake pad change is super easy and only takes a few minutes per side.

First jack up the front of the car and place it on jack stands. If you have them OEM wheel locks, you'll find the wheel lock key in the spare tire compartment in the trunk, under the carpet. Then, using a small screwdriver or punch and a hammer, knock out the brake pad retaining pins in the caliper and remove them completely. Take note of which way they face, they need to go back into the caliper in the same direction.
Next, pull out the old brake pads. Simply grab them by hand or use a pair of pliers and tug them outwards. If they are stuck, gently pry the pads away from the brake rotor using a screw driver.
Once they old pads are removed, you will need to push the brake pistons back into the caliper until they are flush, otherwise the new pads (since they are thicker) will not fit into the caliper. You can use a pry bar or long flat head screw driver and gently push on the edge of the pistons. You may need to hold the other pistons by hand so they do not come back out when you push on the remaining ones. Once the pistons are pushed into the caliper, take note of the new pads as there is an inner and and outer pad. The outer pad has the squeel tab on it to warn you when the pad needs replacement.
Once the inner and outer pad is inserted, replace the retaining clip and pins back into the caliper.